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  Basics what is that you ask? Well Basics or Kihon in Japanese is part of what’s known as the 3 K s in traditional Shotokan dojos. The 3 Ks are Kihone, Kata and Kumite. Some dojos don’t do Kata (forms) anymore as they feel it isn’t productive. I disagree with that philosophy however I say each to their own.  





  Kata or forms in karate provide a great way of self training. There are many kata in shotokan Karate but they vary from Organization to Organization The Shotokai have only 15 kata and are identical to the JKA format that have 26. There are of course more katas but many have been dropped by most Shotokan goups as they feel they are too basic.  





  Japanese karate terms are used worldwide in most Shotokan dojos.  Therefore if you know the Japanese term for the technique you can attend and participate in almost any dojo in the world without knowing the native language.





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